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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Underwater Communication
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) reduce the need for large crews, divers and vessels in the operational area. AUVs are already operational for bathymetric and environmental mapping, pipeline ..
Sidescan Sonars Developments
Sidescan Sonar Technology has gone through an evolution the last years. Sidescan sonar is mainly used for the detection of objects and bottom structures.  it gives very highly detailed ..
5 Drones for Precision Agriculture
Drones (also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are used for various applications such as surveying, surveillance and habitat mapping. An interesting new application is precision agriculture...
Bathymetric Lidar Sensors and UAVs
Bathymetric Lidar is an airborne acquisition technology. As opposed to airborne topographic Lidar, which uses an infrared wavelength of 1,064nm, bathymetric Lidar systems use a green wavelength of ..
Digital Oblique Aerial Cameras Product Overview
This article and a follow-up one will centre on oblique aerial camera systems, the use of which is steadily growing for (3D) capture of urban areas and roads, railways and other corridors. This ..
From Theodolites to Total Stations
A total station is an angle measuring device, also known as a theodolite, integrated with an electronic distance measurement (EDM) unit. The integration provides the ability to measure horizontal and ..
Inertial Navigation Systems - Bridging the Positioning Gap
Inertial Navigation Systems (INSs) are a great help in applications where either position stability is of great importance or where bridging (small) positioning gaps is a requirement. To understand ..
Aerial Photography Drones
Aerial photography taken from unmanned aircraft is the technology of the moment, with many equipment manufacturers, software developers and service suppliers getting in on the act. In this ..
GPS and GLONASS: Still Out Ahead
Millions of businesses and individuals across the world now rely on satellite navigation. They include surveyors and engineers who use receivers for positioning as well as ..
UAV Camera Review for Surveying
With the boom in the use of consumer-grade cameras on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for surveying and photogrammetric applications, this article seeks to review a range of different cameras and ..
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