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Mobile (real time connected to instrument)

Laptop / Office computer (post processing)

Integrated environment for

GNSS data

GNSS + dead reckoning data (Mobile Mapping)

TPS data

Point cloud data

Level data

Integrated least squares computation of control

Transformation between map projections

Compute grid DTM

Compute TIN

Computation of sections through surfaces

Volume computation from sections

Volume computation by substracting surfaces

CAD functions

CAD functions for Internal measured building surveys

CAD functions for open drainage modelling

CAD functions for Rail applications

CAD functions for Road applications

CAD functions for Pipeline applications

CAD functions for Overhead Power Line applications

CAD functions for Site development applications

CAD functions for Industrial plant applications

GNSS data and processing

GNSS static / RTK data collection

GNSS setting out

Static baseline post-processing

Output data for least squares adjustment with data from other sources

Base and rover RTK

Post processed kinematic

GNSS + dead reckoning data (mobile mapping)

IMU data used trajectory computation

SLAM data used in trajectory computation

Wheel odometer data used in trajectory computation

SfM (photogrammetry) used in trajectory computation

Adjust trajectory to fit overlapping point cloud data

Adjust trajectory to fit ground control points

Adjust point clouds (not trajectory) to fit ground control points

Trajectory provided with precision data

Laser scanning

Laser scan data collection

Compute unregistered point cloud

Point cloud registration to targets in cloud

Cloud to cloud registration

Photogrammetric data processing

Photo planning

Processing in cloud / on-premise

Airborne photography

Handheld terrestrial photography

Can more than one camera be used?

Camera calibration computed for all cameras used

Accepts input camera calibration data

Data from more than one camera supported

Accepts GNSS RTK photo exposure positions

Supports registration to ground control

Total Station (TS) data processing

Traverse computation

Output data for least squares adjustment with data from other sources

Compute 3D radial observations

TS setting out

Feature attribute coding

Feature geometry coding


Rise and fall level book format output

Height of collimation level book format output

Unadjusted levels, adjustment and adjusted level shown

Output data for least squares adjustment with data from other sources

Survey Software

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