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A3 Edge

Product Name:A3 Edge
Description:A3 Edge is VisionMap’s all-in-one large-format mapping and oblique camera system that completes your projects in a fraction of the time. Well-known for its incredible productivity, A3 Edge covers vast areas at record speed - collecting up to 1,000 km2 of high resolution imagery per hour. The camera utilizes a unique “sweep” mechanism that provides a wide FOV of up to 106° and a 78,000 x 9,600 pixel footprint - enabling wide flight line spacing, rapid coverage and simultaneous collection of vertical and oblique imagery. Its ability to capture high resolution imagery of rooftops and facades in the same flight makes the A3 Edge ideal for 3D city modeling. The camera’s dual 300 mm focal length telescopes, high resolution sensors and 7.4 um pixel size provide extremely high resolution per altitude, collecting, for example, 10 cm GSD imagery at 11,000 ft. (3,350 m). With a high dynamic range, A3 Edge provides colorful, sharp, high quality imagery. The A3 Edge camera is compact (42 kg) and easy to install on existing manned aircraft. Coupled with the fully-automatic LightSpeed Ground Processing System, A3 Edge provides final photogrammetric products at sub-pixel accuracy, up to five times faster than other commercial systems.
Year of introduction:2013
Last update:2015
Data storage 
Type of storage:SSD
Storage capacity [GB]:1000
Storage Replaceable:Y
Camera unit Weight [kg]:42
Camera unit Length [m]:0.6
Camera unit Width [m]:0.6
Camera unit Depth [m]:0.5
Power requirements:28V; 150W (300 max)
Type of GNSS/ INS positioning system:Dual frequency GPS; No INS needed
On board image storage format(s):JPEG2000, TIFF
Type of mission planning software:A3 Flight Planning; TopoFlight Mission Planner
Type of postprocessing software:LightSpeed
Sensor Characteristics 
Number of lenses:2
Lenses: focal lengths [mm]:300
Lenses: interchangeable:N
Type CCD:Kodak KAI-16070
Pixel size [µm]:7.4
Dynamic range [bits]:12
CCD simultaneous:N
CCD along track format [mm x mm]:70 x 24
CCD along track format [pixel x pixel]:9,600 x 3,232
CCD across track format [mm x mm]:570 x 70
CCD across track format [pixel x pixel]:78,000 x 9,600
Max. integration time [s]:0.003
Max. shutter speed [s]:3
Data collection rate [megapixel/s]:250
Max. across-track FOV [deg]:106
Operation Characteristics 
Min. flying height [m]:800
Typical flying height [m]:3,000-10,000
Max flying height[m]:15000
Max. acquisition duration [h]:Unlimited
Warm-up time [s]:180
Forward motion compensation:Y
In flight pre-view:Y
Temperature controlled pod:Y
Precision [pixels]:0.3
Geometric calibration:Y
Radiometric calibration:Y
Training facilities:Y
Main applications :Aerial survey; High resolution urban projects; Mapping projects; Wide area monitoring and mapping; Oblique projects; 3D city modelling; Agriculture; Forestry
Distinguishable features :Highest image acquisition efficiency; Automatic processing; Vertical and oblique images in one flight by one camera; High resolution and accuracy from varying flight altitudes;

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Supplier Information
  • VisionMap

  • HaBarzel 19
  • 6971025 Tel Aviv
  • Israel
  • Israel



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