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Product Name:AES-25
Product Description:AES-25 is an advanced solution for all platforms - from basic steering to those striving for high-accuracy results. With a quiet, high-torque motor, the AES-25 provides silent operation and the most accurate electric steering in the world. The AES-25 does not intrude into the operator’s working area with external components that could interfere with normal day-to-day operation.
Year of introduction :
Type of control:Active
System components and use:Steer and steering actuator.
Direction of control:Forward and backward
Type of steering mechanism and/or actuators:Electric
Mounting :The AES-25 is mounted on the steering wheel and is easily transferable between machines.
Lightbar included:N
Remote control of vehicles:N
Row spacing maintanence:
Double steering :
Feedback from tractor required:N
Allows for unrestricted manual steering:Y
Feedback sensors:No feedback sensors
Terrain compensation / INS 
Terrain compensation module:External
Description and type:The compatible topcon AGI-4 GNSS receiver offers full terrain compensation.
Correction of yaw:Y
Correction of pitch:Y
Correction of roll:Y
Compatibility and Interoperability 
Compatible displays or consoles:All topcon consoles
Compatible controllers:
More information 
Distinguishable features:Fast, accurate steering response. Up to 2cm performance accuracy. Full terrain compensation. Reverse operation. Convenient, simple installation. Easily transferable. Compatible with System 150 and System 200 (X20)

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