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CFX-750 display

Product Name:CFX-750 display
Product Description:The Trimble® CFX-750™ display provides key precision agriculture functionalities, including: Guidance and Mapping, Planting and Nutrient/Pest Management, Harvesting and data management in combination with Connected Farm™
Year of initial introduction :
Water and sand proof :
Height [m]:
Depth {m}:
Width [m]:
Weight [kg]:
Housing material:
Humidity resistance:
Certifications and standards:
Screen type:
Screen diagonal ["] :8
Screen resolution [pix x pix] :
Touchscreen :Y
Backlight :Y
Adjustable brightness :
Min. input voltage [DC] :9
Max. input voltage [DC]:18
Power consumption [W]:
Battery type:No battery
Operation time on battery [hr] :
Processor and Storage 
CPU [MHz]:
Internal storage [MB] :
External/replaceble storage options:
Operation Characteristics 
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:
Mounting possibilities :In cab, with delivered mount.
Integrated GNSS receiver:N
GNSS receiver description:External GNSS receiver is used.
Integrated camera:N
Transferable between vehicles:Y
Interfaces and Connectivity 
Number of Controller Area Network (CAN) interfaces [ISOBUS]:
Number of ethernet ports:
Number of USB ports:1
Number of RS-232 ports:
Other interfaces:Two external camera ports
WiFi :N
Other wireless:External radio
Compatibility and Interoperability 
Operating system:
Available applications:
Compatible external GNSS receivers:Trimble agriculture GNSS receivers
Compatible steering systems:Trimble EZ-steer, EZ-Pilot and Autopilot system.
Compatible crop sensor systems:
Compatible yield monitoring systems:With the Yield Monitoring system, the CFX-750 display can access and display data about your yield that is collected by yield monitoring sensors.
Compatible seed monitoring systems:Yes, with seed section and rate control.
Sprayer rate and/or section control box options :
Other compatible systems:
Input formats of map layers [KML, shape, etc]:
Cloud services :Yes, Trimble Connected Farm
Section control :Y
Max number of simultaneous operation controls:
View position, planned route and speed :
Zooming and panning:Y
View different mapping layers:Y
View precision and reliability of position:
Return to point:Y
Mapping [point, line & area editing]:Coverage, point, line, and area mapping.
Remote server: download :Y
Remote server: upload :Y
More information 
Distinguishable features: Manual guidance and mapping, Trimble® steering system compatibility, Boom height control for sprayers, Seed monitoring, Two-product variable rate application control, Automatic section control, Basic yield monitoring, Wireless data transfer for in-office analysis.
Guarantee :

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Supplier Information
  • Trimble

  • 935 Stewart Drive
  • 94085 Sunnyvale
  • CA
  • United States of America



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