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Agisoft PhotoScan

Product Name:Agisoft PhotoScan
Product Description:
Year of introduction:2010
Year of last update:2016
Modular :Photogrammetry processing software product offered in two editions: Agisoft PhotoScan Standard and Agisoft PhotoScan Professional
Regional settings available:yes
License configuration:Node-locked/Floating, Free 30-day trial
Required Computer System 
System includes hardware:N
Operating system(s):Windows (XP and higher) / Linux / Mac OS (10.6+)
CPU (min.):Intel Core 2 Duo
CPU (preferred):Intel i5 / i7 / Xeon
Min. RAM memory [Mb]:2048
Preferred RAM memory [Mb] :16384
64-bit version of software available:Y
Distributed processing capacity:Y
GPU based calculations:Y
Min. data storage capacity [Gb]:1
Preferred data storage capacity [Gb]:50
Min. graphic card:Any (OpenCL 1.1)
Preferred graphic card:NVIDIA / AMD (2048+ Shader Processor Units)
Supported special hardware:NVIDIA Quadro Stereo
User definable operations and extensions:Built-in Python API, Command-line
Viewing System 
Min. display memory [Mb] :
Pref. display memory [Mb]:2048
Method of stereo image separation:
Images and data 
Supported image sources :Any digital camera (including Compact, DSLR, Multispectral, Tetracam, MicaSense) and any lens (including Fisheye). Spherical and cylindrical panoramas in equirectangular representation.
Input image formats:JPG / TIFF / OpenEXR / DNG/ PNG / BMP / SEQ / MPO, RGB / Single-channel / Multi-channel
Export data formats :Mesh model (TIN): Wavefront OBJ, 3DS models, COLLADA, Stanford PLY, STL models, Autodesk DXF, Autodesk FBX, Universal 3D models, VRML models, Adobe 3D PDF; Point cloud: Wavefront OBJ, Stanford PLY, XYZ Point Cloud, ASPRS LAS, LAZ, Autodesk DXF, ASTM E57, ASCII PTS, Universal 3D, potree (zip), Agisoft OC3, Topcon CL3, Adobe 3D PDF Orthomosaic: GeoTIFF, JPG, PNG, Google Earth KML/KMZ, Google Map Tiles, MBTiles, World Wind Tiles; Digital elevation model (DSM/DTM): GeoTIFF elevation, Arc/Info ASCII Grid, Band interleaved file format, XYZ, Sputnik KMZ; Tiled models: Agisoft Tiled Model (TLS), PhotoMesh Layer (zip), Agisoft Tile Archive (zip); Interior and exterior camera orientation parameters: Agisoft XML, Bundler, CHAN files, Boujou, Realviz RZML, Omega Phi Kappa, PATB Exterior Orientation, BINGO Exterior Orientation, AeroSys Exterior Orientation, INPHO Project File; for more see Appendix B in Agisoft PhotoScan User Manual.
Scanned analogue Aerial Photos :Y
Digital Aerial Nadir Frames:Y
Oblique Images:Y
Linear array sensors :N
Optical Satellite Images :N
UAS Images :Y
Radar Images :N
Image manipulation & processing 
Automatic contrast manipulations:
Spatial convolution:
Resampling :
Radiometric corrections:
Radiometric adjustment for mosaicing:
Orientation and triangulation 
Automatic interior:Y
Automatic aerotriangulation:Y
Automated blunder detection :Y
Self calibration :Y
Automatic Relative:
images simultaneously processed:Y
DEMs & Orthoimages 
Automatic matching :Dense image matching
Automatic breakline extraction :N
Checking facilities (DEM editing) :N
Automatic contour generation:Y
Mosaicing of orthoimages :Y
True orthoimage generation:Y
Dense DSM creating capability:Y
DSM to DTM filtering:Y
Automatic seam line creation:Y
Dense Image Matching:Y
Feature Extraction and Mapping 
Mapping facilities:
Semi-automatic corner point extraction:
Semi-automatic line feature extraction:
Semi-automatic building extraction:
3D superimposition:
Integration with scanned maps :
Integration with 2D vector maps :
Integration with 3D vector maps :
Integration with point clouds :N
Automatic Texturing :Y
Measurement tools 
More information 
Main applications :Quarrying / Mining, Topography, Land Surveying, Cadastre, Construction, Urban Planning / Management; Precision Agriculture; Archaeology, Underwater Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Architecture; Visual Effects, Game Design
Distinguishable features:Fully automatic workflow, Any OS, Any camera, Multi-core CPU / GPU, Aerial / Oblique / Close-range (terrestrial) imagery support; Built-in Python API, Distributed network processing support; Automatic dense point cloud classification, Orthomosaic seamline editing, Vegetation indices calculation and false color visualization

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Supplier Information
  • Agisoft LLC

  • 11 Degtyarniy per.
  • 191144 St. Petersburg
  • Russian Federation



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