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Product Description:SABRE Sky-3D UAV LiDAR system model Options: model: SABRE Sky-3D S80 (Time-of-Flight based laser scanner model) Well suited to jobs requiring Ability to penetrate vegetation and forest/tree canopy. The SABRE SKy-3D S80 with a payload with batteries of 5.4kg can be fitted to the DJI Matrice (model: M600) UAV/Drone platform. SABRE Sky-3D with FARO Focus for High-Resolution Laser Scanning. Scan in high definition for infrastructure and other applications requiring point cloud data with high level of detail. model SABRE Sky-3D F-3D (model: for FARO Focus) Compatible with FARO Focus3D laser scanner models X330, X130, X30 and S120. High-Resolution detailed 3D point cloud generation.
Year of last update:2015
Year of introduction :2014
Physical Properties  
Height [cm]:
Length [cm]:
Width [cm]:
Weight [kg]:
Water and dust proof:
Power Supply  
Power requirements:12-30VDC Usually Power from the vehicle socket accessory plug. Alternatively the system can be connected directly to a battery.
Type of battery:
Power consumption:60
Operation time on single battery [minutes]:
Laser Pulse Characteristics 
Laser class:
Wavelength [nm]:
Standard pulse length [ns]:
Beam divergence [mrad]:
Min. range of laser pulse [m]:
Max. range of laser pulse [m]:
Measurement Characteristics  
Scanning method:TOF and Phase-Shift (Phased-Based) Measurement
Range accuracy [mm]:
Scanning Speed [measurements p second]:
Multiple pulses in air:Y
Min. pulse frequency [Hz]:
Max. pulse frequency [Hz]:
Max. field of view [degrees]:
Max. number of recorded echoes per pulse:
Recording of intensity of return signal [bits]:
Positioning System 
Number of GNSS positioning sensors:2
Type of GNSS positioning sensors:GPS/GLONASS
Typical positioning accuracy [cm] :
Heading, Pitch and Role internally captured:Y
Type of INS or IMU:Applanix – Trimble Solid-State, MEMS IMU Post-Processing Software Applanix POSPac
Gyroscopes Bias In-Run stability [deg p hr]:
Operation Characteristics 
Requirements for compatible UAVs:
Camera included:No
Camera specifications:
Control and user interface:
Data and Software 
Type of storage:
Max. storage space [mb]:
Included software:
Main applications:Remote sensing, ALS - Airborne Laser Scanning, Surveying, topographical mapping, Utilities mapping (Oil&Gas, Electric), Forestry, Floodplain mapping, mining, Environmental (Open Pit/Cast).
Training, maintanence and support:Training Course - Equipment Installation Data Acquisition and Processing
Distinguishable features:

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