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SATELLAR XT 5R - Smart radio router

Product Name:SATELLAR XT 5R - Smart radio router
Product Description:SATELLAR is a system that enables the building of an independent, reliable, real-time radio data communication system that meets the requirements. Typically, a central unit together with a radio unit is used in a network as a master station or in locations where Ethernet connectivity is needed. For radio router stations, the central unit is not necessarily required. In these cases, the radio unit can be used alone.
Type:SATELLAR XT 5R is a radio unit that can be used in stations where a standard RS-connection is sufficient. SATELLAR XT 5R can operate as a transparent radio link, essentially replacing a wire with classic RS-232 based protocol. Various network topologies, from simple point-to-point link to a long-range point-to-multipoint system with multiple repeaters are available with SATELLAR XT 5R.
Year of initial introduction :
Height [m]:0.13
Width [m]:0.555
Depth [m]:0.765
Total weight {kg}:0.68
Housing material:
ROHS compliance:
WEEE compliance:
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-30
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:75
Humidity resistance:
Water and dust proof:
Shock and vibration proof:
Typical consumption [W]:17.9
Power supply min. [V]:10.6
Power supply max. [V]:30
Power connector:
Radio Modem Specifications 
Number of channels/frequency bands:
Operation frequency range min [MHz]:320
Operation frequency range max [MHz]:520
Channel spacing [MHz]:
Frequency control:
450 MHz transmitter radio power output [W]:
900 MHz transmitter radio power output [W]:
Configurable transmit power :Y
Transmit power range:1w, 1.5w, 5w, 6.6w
Receiver sensitivity [dBm]:-118
Frequency stability :
Air baud rate :28.1 kbps - 121 kbps
Modulation type :
Additional information :See product folder
Operation Characteristics 
Automatic detection of signals:Y
Link Rates [bps]:
Maximum distance range of signals [m]:
Forward error correction:
Supports 1 Hz RTK corrections for multi-constellation receiver:
Type Certification [US, EU, Russia, etc]:
Link protocols :
Antenna port:
Number of RS-232 ports:1
Controller Area Network (CAN) interfaces [ISOBUS]:
Ethernet port:Y
Serial port baud rates:
Other connectors and connector specifications :
Interfaces:RS-232, -422 / -485
Remote/wireless control:Yes, IP communication
More information 
Distinguishable features :Web browser based user interface. SNMP for remote management. SATEL NMS for serial networking. Over-the-air remote management and firmware updating. Firmware and configuration uploads via USB. Error free configuration and automated parameter calculation. Up to 80% savings by reduced deployment time. Avoid human configuration errors
Main applications :SATELLAR IP radio router, the heart of the SATEL XPRS communications solution, is an excellent choice for data transfer in missioncritical applications requiring long range, security and stability of the private radio network. It provides high available connectivity, with reliable radio technology and switchover functionality.

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Supplier Information
  • SATEL Oy

  • Meriniitynkatu 17
  • FI-24100 SALO
  • Finland



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