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Product Name:SATELLINE-1870E
Product Description:The SATELLINE-1870E radio modem provides a wireless transparent data link on the European licence-free 868...870 MHz frequency band. It is designed for tight integration into the user’s terminal equipment and is particularly well suited for the transfer of data and control messages in medium range (1-10 km) applications.
Type:In accordance with the regulations on the use of the 869 MHz band, the maximum output power of the SATELLINE-1870E is 500 mW. In the design of the radio modem, special attention was paid to ensuring reliable operation in all circumstances.
Year of initial introduction :
Height [m]:0.057
Width [m]:0.125
Depth [m]:0.016
Total weight {kg}:0.125
Housing material:Aluminum enclosure
ROHS compliance:
WEEE compliance:
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-40
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:75
Humidity resistance:
Water and dust proof:IP67
Shock and vibration proof:
Typical consumption [W]:
Power supply min. [V]:8
Power supply max. [V]:30
Power connector: DIN41651-16-connector
Radio Modem Specifications 
Number of channels/frequency bands:1
Operation frequency range min [MHz]:868
Operation frequency range max [MHz]:870
Channel spacing [MHz]:0.025
Frequency control:
450 MHz transmitter radio power output [W]:
900 MHz transmitter radio power output [W]:
Configurable transmit power :Y
Transmit power range:5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 mW
Receiver sensitivity [dBm]:<-108 dBm (BER < 10 E-3)
Frequency stability :<±2.5 kHz
Air baud rate :
Modulation type : 2-FSK
Additional information :
Operation Characteristics 
Automatic detection of signals:
Link Rates [bps]:9600 bps
Maximum distance range of signals [m]:10000
Forward error correction:
Supports 1 Hz RTK corrections for multi-constellation receiver:
Type Certification [US, EU, Russia, etc]:EN 300 220-1, EN 301 489-1 and EN 60950-1
Link protocols :
Antenna port:SMA female, 50 ohm
Number of RS-232 ports:1
Controller Area Network (CAN) interfaces [ISOBUS]:
Ethernet port:
Serial port baud rates:9600 bps
Other connectors and connector specifications :DIN41651-16 pin (male)
Interfaces:LCD indicators, Terminal program
Remote/wireless control:T
More information 
Distinguishable features :The SATELLINE-1870E is an appropriate choice where price and range are important aspects. With its high output power, good sensitivity, small size and low power consumption, it meets both the technical and economical requirements set on wireless communications in a number of applications.
Main applications :• Remote meter reading (Gas, Electricity, Heat). • Remote control of water distribution • Remote control of irrigation systems • Environmental monitoring

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Supplier Information
  • SATEL Oy

  • Meriniitynkatu 17
  • FI-24100 SALO
  • Finland



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