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HX-GA181A Aviation Antenna

Product Name:HX-GA181A Aviation Antenna
Product Description:The HX-GA181A antenna has been designed to support high accuracy aerial, land and marine applications in one compact design with high-performance and light weight.
Type:Aerial, Land, Marine
Year of introduction:
Height [m]:0.0345
Depth [m]:0.0766
Width [m]:0.1198
Total weight [kg]:0.170
Housing and finish material:Heat resistant material
Design keywords:Rugged
Mounting:The antenna can be mounted flush with the vehicle surface or on the top of a pole mount.
Multipath rejection techniques and methods:
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-40
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:80
Max operational altitude [m]:
Humidity resistance:95% non-condensing
Water sand and dust proof:Yes
Shock and vibration proof:
ROHS compliance:
WEEE compliance:
Min. operating power [V]:3
Max. operating power [V]:18
Typical consumption [W]:
Connection/cable for power:TNC Female
Tracked signals 
Tracked satellite signals:GPS
Type of GPS measurements:L1
Type of GLONASS measurements:
Type of Galileo measurements:
Type of Beidou measurements:
Type of SBAS measurements:
Signal gain [dB]:36
Noise figure [max dB]:2.0
Amplifier description:
Max cable length [m]:
TNC female:Y
SMA male:
Other Connectors:The TNC connector is located on the underside of the unit ensuring the attached cable is also protected from the environment.
More information 
Distinguishable features :Sub-centimeter phase center repeatability. LNA has high gain to ensure operation with long cable. Small rugged package ideal for aviation and vehicle applications. Radome uses heat resistant material and protects internal components by heat insulation design. Unique waterproof design ensures the absolutely seal of kernel part and operation outdoors.

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