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Sea Scan Echo

Product Name:Sea Scan Echo
Product Description:This micro-miniature altimeter echo sounder was designed for use in small AUV’s, but don’t think just because its small in size that its not packed with everything you would expect from standard altimeter packages and more! With a maximum range of 100 meters and a 300 meter depth rating the Sea Scan Echo is ready to go. Its shielded design and filtering capability minimize noise eect to maximize system performance. Shipped fully terminated and tested to ready to run out of the box. The Sea Scan Echo communicates with the host computer over an RS-232 serial connection in NMEA 0183 format using standard ASCII Characters. In Auto Trigger mode the Sea Scan Echo can operate independently from its host system or you can allow it to sync with your sonar. The sonar will then wait for the Sync input and ping rate timer to initiate data collection at rates up to 5 Hertz.
Year of initial development:2016
Year of latest version:2017
Area of application:ROV/AUV altitude, obstacle avoidance, monitoring
Field of use:
Languages supported:
Power supply and communication 
Power supply:11.5VDC to 20VDC - 500 mA peak, 25 mA average.
Operating current:.25
Output interface :RS-232 serial
Analog output:
Physical Properties  
Weight in air [kg]:
Weight in water [kg]:
Width [m]:0.0332
Length [m]:0.0467
Min. operation temperature [°C}:40
Max. operation temperature [°C}:60
Housing material:PVC
Acoustic properties 
Min. Operating frequency [kHz]:540
Max. Operating frequency [kHz]:540
Beamwidth {deg}:6
Min. acoustic accuracy :
Max. acoustic accuracy :
Digital resolution:
Analog resolution:
Operating properties 
Minimum range {m}:0.5
Maximum range {m}:100
Depth rating {m}:300
Output data format:NMEA
Sampling rate (fixed or adjustable):
Data flow:Continous, Triggered, Both
Slant range correction:N
Other specifications 
Data storage:External
Stand alone mode:Y
Sound velocity input:N
Pressure sensor:N
Right angled type:
Additional capabilities:
More information 
Distinguishable features:

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