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Product Name:AHRS510CA-400
Product Description:MEMSIC’s AHRS510CA is a field proven highreliability MEMS Attitude & Heading Reference System that supports all of the standard ARINC 429 message labels The AHRS510CA is designed for use in OEM and retrofit avionics systems upgrades, and for airborne antenna pointing systems.
Year of last update:
Year of initial development:
System components:Accelerometer(s), Gyroscope(s)
Height [mm]:118.4
Width [mm]:115.1
Length [mm]:123.5
Weight [gr]:1360
Power Supply  
Min. Voltage (DC):18
Max. Voltage (DC):32
Power consumption [W]:10
Non-operating shock tolerance [g]:
Operating shock tolerance [g]:
Min. operating temperature [C]:-40
Max. operating temperature [C]:70
Splashproof casting:
Water resistant casting:
Water resistance [m]:
Casting and coating:Sealed Housing
Heading static accuracy [ ° ]:2
Heading dynamic accuracy [ ° ] :
Pitch and Roll static accuracy [ ° ]:1
Pitch and Roll dynamic accuracy [ ° ]:
Max. rotation speed [deg/s]:200
Interface types:Digital
Interfaces :RS-422
Other interfaces and additional information:2x ARINC 429 output (high speed) 1x ARINC 429 input (low speed)
Start up time [s]:
Output data formats:
Output frequency [ Hz ]:
Num. of Gyroscopes :3
Range [± ° / sec]:300
Resolution [ ° / s ]:0.02
In-Run Bias Stability [ °/ hr]:0.1
Bandwidth [ Hz ]:25
Non-linearity [ % ]:
Alignment Error [ ± ° ]:
Num. of Accelerometers:3
Range [max g]:10
Resolution [mg]:1.0
In-Run Bias Stability [mg]:15
Bandwidth [ Hz ]:25
Non-linearity [ % ]:
Alignment Error [ ± ° ]:
Num. of Magnetometers:
Range [ ± Gauss ] :
Resolution [ microtesla ]:
In-Run Bias Stability [ nT ]:
Bandwidth [ Hz ]:
Non-linearity [ max % ]:
Noise :
Temperature sensor 
Temperatue sensor:N
Temperature measurement range:
Resolution [ ° C ]:
Temperature measurement accuracy:
Pressure sensor 
Pressure sensor:N
Measurement range [ Pa ]:
In-Run Bias Stability [ RMS Pa ] :
Accuracy pressure sensor:
Additional specifications 
Distinguishable features :Each AHRS510CA is shipped with a 510 Series Installation Manual, and MEMSIC’s GYRO-VIEW 2.6 configuration and display software. An optional ARINC 429 to RS-232 interface cable is available (additional cost) for use with MEMSIC’s GYRO-VIEW and MAG-ALIGN application software running on a PC. The AHRS510CA system utilizes MEMSIC’s CRM-series remote magnetometer to ensure optimum heading alignment.
Application:EFIS and Flight Management Systems, Airborne Antenna Control

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Supplier Information

  • One Tech Drive - suite 325
  • Ma 01810 Andover
  • Massachusetts
  • United States of America



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