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NL C32

Product Name:NL C32
Product Description:"Patented air damping compensator. Enhanced magnetic/air damping compensator. Excellent shockproof function with patent. Practical dustproof & waterproof capability. High cost performance yet durable"
Year of introduction :2017
Length [m]:0.44
Width [m]:0.44
Height [m]:0.32
Weight [kg]:1.8
Water sand and dust proof:IP54
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-20
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:50
Humidity range [%]:
Power consumption [W]:
Max. operation time on one battery [hr]:
Type of compensator:Air damping
Automatic compensator:Y
Accuracy of compensator or bubble:±0.3″
Autofocus :
Telescope magnification:32
Objective aperture [mm]:40
Angular field of view:1°20′
Viewing section at 100 meter [m]:
Stadia constant [mm]:0
Operation Characteristics 
Min. measuring range [m]:0.3
Max. measuring range [m]:100
Measuring time [s] :
Automatic height measurement:Y
Automatic distance measurement:Y
Automatic angle measurement:Y
Resolution/interval height measurement:
Resolution/interval distance measurement:
Visible guiding light:
Type of screen:
Accuracy and Performance 
Accuracy height measurement at 1 km [mm]:
Accuracy distance measurement at 1 km [mm]:
Data Storage & Connectivity  
Internal Memory [MB]:
Internal Memory [data points]:
External memory:

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Supplier Information

  • 2/F, Surveying Building (He Tian Building) - NO.26,Ke Yun Road
  • 510665 Guangzhou
  • China



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