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SteadyTrack LG

Product Name:SteadyTrack LG
Product Description:
Year of initial development:
Stabilization system type:Large format stabilization mount
Applied Standards:
Operation Area:Airborne
Pitch [°]:±9
Roll [°]:±11.65
Yaw/Drift / [°]:±29
Residual angular rate of the horizontal axes [°/s rms:
Residual deviation of the horizontal axis [° rms]*:
Residual deviation of the vertical axis [°rms]*:
Repeatability [arc seconds]:0.2
Vibration isolation system:
Other:Custom Configuration: The movement limit stops may be set at any point in the event the very broad movement range of the mount conflicts with airframe or mounting hole limitations.
Interfaces / Software 
Communication ports:
Software options:
Storable settings:
FMS compatibility:
Mechanical characteristics 
Platform length [mm]:635
Platform width [mm]:508
Platform height [mm] :152
Platform weight [kg] :25
Payload weight (max) [kg] :90
External control unit weight [kg] :12
Usable diameter [mm] :360
Sensor compatibility:Custom Built: Lead'Air’s in-house engineering provides customers assurance their sensor and aircraft needs will be perfectly integrated with the mount.
Electrical characteristics 
Min input [V]:28
Max input [V]:28
Min pre-fuse rating [A]:
Maximum pre-fuse rating [A]:
Typical power consumption [W]:
Max power consumption [W]:120
Minimum battery size (if applicable):
Maximum battery size (if applicable):
Min operating temp [°C] :0
Max operating temp [°C]:70
Min storage temp [°C] :
Max storage temp [°C] :
Max elevation [m]:
More information 
Distinguishable features:This robust mount benefits from Lead’Air’s in-house engineering, allowing us to customize the unit to fit your precise needs. Agile, smooth and accurate the SteadyTrack LG will fit seamlessly in your workflow, providing quality assurance through reliable image capture performance under all circumstances.
Typical applications:large-sensor stabilization for any aircraft
Rotary encoder type:

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Supplier Information
  • Lead’Air, Inc

  • 113 S. Hoagland Blvd.
  • 34741 Kissimmee
  • Florida
  • United States of America



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