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CSM 40

Product Name:CSM 40
Product Description:The CSM 40 is our Stabilization Mount which is extra small and costefficient. The compact design and the highly functional modularity enable a powerful stabilization system. The electromechanical gimbal system and the digital control system generat an optimal use of the CSM 40 and the lightweight system is also particularly well suited for ultralight drones and aircrafts.
Year of initial development:
Stabilization system type:Electromechanical gimbal system
Applied Standards:EUROCAE-14G, RTCA/D0-160G, ISO 7137, 2006/42/EC Machinery
Operation Area:Airborne
Pitch [°]:± 15.0 0° roll
Roll [°]:± 15.0 0° pitch
Yaw/Drift / [°]:± 25.0
Residual angular rate of the horizontal axes [°/s rms:0.5
Residual deviation of the horizontal axis [° rms]*:0.08
Residual deviation of the vertical axis [°rms]*:0.3
Repeatability [arc seconds]:
Vibration isolation system:Passive Vibration Isolation Ring reduces vibrations drastically. Important because high frequency excitations of the airplane can cause serious damages to the sensitive sensor systems.
Other:Independent stabilization because of internal Gyros. Usable without an external IMU.
Interfaces / Software 
Communication ports:RS 232, USB
Software options:Examples of current possible optional features: 'Installation Direction' to adjust the horizontal installation direction of the Mount. 'End Stop Limits' to adjust the movement range of the Mount. 'IMU Installation Position on Vehicle Frame' to adjust the horizontal IMU position. Individual adaption to special needs is also possible.
Storable settings:Basic parameters can be stored permanently.
FMS compatibility:Compatible with nearly every FMS.
Mechanical characteristics 
Platform length [mm]:290
Platform width [mm]:275
Platform height [mm] :120
Platform weight [kg] :5.2
Payload weight (max) [kg] :15
External control unit weight [kg] :0
Usable diameter [mm] :130
Sensor compatibility:Adaptable with nearly every sensor or camera.
Electrical characteristics 
Min input [V]:24
Max input [V]:30
Min pre-fuse rating [A]:8
Maximum pre-fuse rating [A]:15
Typical power consumption [W]:70
Max power consumption [W]:130
Minimum battery size (if applicable):
Maximum battery size (if applicable):
Min operating temp [°C] :-25
Max operating temp [°C]:60
Min storage temp [°C] :-40
Max storage temp [°C] :85
Max elevation [m]:15240
More information 
Distinguishable features:USB port manual control & Firmware update can be made via SOMAG Mount Control App.
Typical applications:Adaptable to nearly every LiDAR system, camera, scanner, geospatial data acquisition systems in general with a maximum weight of 15 kg.
Rotary encoder type:

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