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Terra Drone Corporation

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Our head office is located in Tokyo, with ten branches scattered throughout Japan and Australia. We utilize the finest laser and photo surveying methods through our drones, creating a high-quality 3D mapping, and providing essential tools for construction management both within and outside Japan.

Featured is our original drone technology, high-security quality, high-speed data analysis, reflexive response, and cutting-edge software. Our targeted clients for the ideal business are major construction companies, civil engineering, and land surveying companies. To date, we have had greater than 400 UAV surveying projects completed, Our drones are completely programmable and have the capability to continue a flight sequence for 2 hours autonomously. In the field of drone management systems (UTM), we have partnered with Unifly and developing a flight management system that is truly next generation. Our group company, Terra Motors, manufactures and sells innovative electric-motor bicycles and tricycles in Asia. Sales figures are above 30,000 individual units per year and control 85% of the overseas sales ratio.